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Find out how businesses like you have used Mile High LED Systems’ lighting to change their operations and customer satisfaction.

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Saving money while improving light quality


Ron Walker and Chuck Kochan own a four-bay self serve and two-bay automatic car wash in Lakewood, Colorado since 2006. The car wash has seven pole lights above the vac islands and auto cashiers at 10 feet off the ground, 2 wall packs on the side of the building, 8 ceiling fixtures in the self- serve bays at 14 feet off the ground and 4 ceiling fixtures in the automatic bays at 20 feet off the ground.

Ron would replace the metal halide bulbs every 6 to 18 months at $26 per bulb. Plus, he'd replace the ballasts every three years, paying ~$70 for each ballast and 80/hour for an electrician to do the work.

Choosing Mile High LEDs

Ron was looking for a way to save on power and the maintenance associated with his current metal halide bulbs. A friend of his had recently installed retrofit kits from Mile High LED systems and, after talking to his friend about the cost savings he was receiving, Ron drove by his friend's car wash at night and "…was blown away by the light. It was amazing quality light."


Ron had retrofit fit kits installed. The 400 watt metal halide pole lights and wall packs were retrofitted with 80 watt LED kits. The self-serve and in-bay 400 metal halide fixtures were replaced with 135 watt LED retrofit kits. The entire change out process took a total of 8 hours, including taking down the fixtures, wiring in the retrofit kits, and putting them back in place.

Light Quality and Wattage

Previously, when switching out lower performing bulbs, his car wash would have a bit of a patch-work feel due to different color hues from the old metal halide lights. After installing Mile High LED Systems' retrofit kits, "All lights were much brighter than any metal halide I had ever put in, including brand new metal halides," says Ron. "Plus, the light was perfectly uniform, making it very attractive."

Ron wasn't the only one to notice – his customers did too. Several of his customers proactively contacted him to provide their feedback with one customer saying, "Thank you! I work the night shift and use your car wash at 11pm. Whatever you did to lighten-up your car wash is incredible and has made a tremendous difference."

Money Savings

Ron's seen cost savings from three areas: Excel energy rebates, monthly power savings, and a reduction in annual fixture maintenance. Excel energy is the power provider for Ron's car wash. He supplied them with copies of the receipts from the new retrofit kits and was able to receive a rebate check directly from Xcel for roughly $200 a fixture.

Furthermore, Ron has seen a significant power bill reduction saying "I'm using a fraction of the power I was using. I should see payback within 12 to 15 months."

Ron hasn't experienced any issues with the new lights and is happy to be free of the maintenance hassle of putting in new bulbs and ballasts. "I wanted to do my part to help conserve power and ended up with a better lighting and lower costs," says Ron. "This is a no-brainer."

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Eliminates annual maintenance and saves 42% on power bill


Rick Diehl, a 30-year car wash operator and owner in Salt Lake City, Utah, was looking for a way to save time and money on his lighting. He owns a 5 bay self-service car wash and had used twelve 175-watt metal halide fixtures for his bays and one 250-watt metal halide light fixture for a vacuum.

Rick used to replace the light ballasts every 3 years and a bulb roughly every year. This was time consuming and frustrating so he started looking for alternatives.

Choosing Mile High LEDs

Prior to going with Mile High LED Systems, Rick installed a few compact fluorescent fixtures. However, the light spectrum, per Rick, was “way too dark and it didn’t look right with the rest of the car wash.” He started looking for alternative solutions.

In June, 2012, Rick was introduced to Mile High LED Systems at a conference. He was immediately impressed by the quoted reliability of the units and the quality of the light output. He bought two lights and installed them himself. "I was surprised at the ease of the change-out," said Rick. "Each system fit easily into his existing fixtures."

Light Quality and Wattage

Rick's first impressions was that the new Mile High LEDs were "…brighter than new metal halides and I saw a significant increase in lighting." He loved the light quality and ease of installation, and proceeded to retrofit all 14 lights. He replaced both the 175-watt and 250-watt metal halide fixtures with 80-watt LED retrofit kits from Mile High LED Systems.

They've been installed for over 17 months now and he's seen no degradation in light output or quality. They are still “bright and really nice."

Money Savings

Upon receiving his next bill from his power company, Rick was shocked to see his bill. He's averaged a 42% savings in his total power bill and has done zero maintenance on the new fixtures.

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