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Mile High LED Systems provides the light quality and reliability we would want in our own facilities. All backed with a 30-Day satisfaction guarantee and with a 5-year warrranty.


Reducing Lighting Maintenance

Our business was founded on the desire to reduce maintenance costs for outdoor lighting.

We've built in double protection against LED failure through use of Cree LEDs and Shunt protectors that double the protection against LED failure.

We also burn in all drivers and LED boards to 48 hours prior to shipping the product to you - this ensures you'll have a working product and won't have to worry about changing out faulty fixtures.

We stand by our product with a five year warranty.

Make the switch to Mile High LEDs and don't worry about lighting problems again.

Light Color & Output

We promise you the best light color and light output of any LED fixture in market.

Our lights have a natural hue in the 4500 color scale range (click here to find out what this means) giving you light that simulates sunlight. Your facility wont have a pale, yellow, or unnatural hue with our LEDs.

Our lights will brighten your facility with equavalent or better output. Match the light output (or lumen) or go brighter.

Easy Installation

Our kits come with auto ranging drivers. Connect them to any line voltage from 100VAC to 277VAC and the drivers will figure it out and will provide what the LEDs need to operate. They are not multi-tap. There are only two line wires. Connect them to any AC voltage used in the USA, and the light will work.


We are very confident you'll be happy with our products. If we cannot get the retrofit kit installed and working as well as or better than your current fixture, return in 30 days and we'll refund your purchase.


5-Year Warranty On The Entire Kit

Standard car wash equipment comes with a one year warranty. Our products come with a five year warranty.

Click here to download our full warranty

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